Writing effective messages to sell yourself


While our experts at CareerSifu aren’t big fans of writing cover letters, we definitely love a well-crafted email or LinkedIn message to the true decision-makers in any hiring team.

In fact, we are such strong advocates of reaching out directly to your future boss/es, we’ve put together a quick guide for writing fantastic messages that will make hiring managers want to jump on a call with you immediately.

As it is with any good business writing, any email or LinkedIn message should only have at most 3 bullet points, and a definite call to action.

What we mean here is that anyone reading your message should be able to digest it in under a minute.

Think fast and easy summary, not wordy and tedious essay.


First off, indicate the specific role that you just saw advertised that you’re super excited about. If there isn’t one, express how keen you are to join this manager’s team and why.

Next, summarize your experience into 2-3 bullet points.

Feel free to use whatever you’ve written as part of your career summary in your LinkedIn profile page or resume.

Of course, tweak your content to be extra relevant to why you may be a splendid fit for the organization and team. Key here is to plant desire in the heads of your audience by connecting what you can do to larger organizational goals or specific objectives of this team you’d kill to be a part of.

Doing so should give people a compelling enough reason to want to reach back out to you.

Lastly, define a call to action by attaching either a resume that the recipient can immediately review or pass on to other relevant stakeholders, or a link to your work, and definitely your contact details.


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