Why you should be best friends with recruiters

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As recruiters, we stay close to our best candidates, whether or not they are actively looking for a career change or just passive candidates. But why would anyone want to be best friends with their recruiters?

The reason is simple and obvious.

Recruiters are normally first to know about the best gigs in town.

They tend to be working on confidential searches that the market will never hear about. Finally, those working at specialist boutique firms or multinational consultancies may boast a clientele that includes global companies that are employers of choice.

If looking out actively for job opportunities, you want to stay close to them.

If not keen to make a move now but don’t mind keeping an eye out for opportunities, recruiters could be the best source of dream jobs one can ever have. And even if not looking to move anytime soon, you should still be talking to them.

What then is our advice for engaging with recruiters?

Be honest about your skills, experience, credentials, and aspirations. Recommend great candidates to them if you know any.

They will return the favor by recommending you and selling you emphatically to clients especially for jobs for which you are not 100% qualified. They can let you in on cool jobs or market trends that the average candidate will never find out.

What if you have been engaging with recruiters as part of your job search but have yet to secure a job offer, or worse still, an interview?

Often times the only thing that stands between a great job and a candidate is the lack of an impressive CV.

Recruiters don’t always have the time to re-write your resume to turn it into gold.

But we do. As career specialists and recruiters ourselves, we have screened over a thousand CVs and much more.

We have seen firsthand the impact and power of a well-crafted resume in making a strong impression on HR and hiring managers. We know what kind of resumes go into the ‘yes’ pile, and most of the kind that don’t.

Does your resume accurately represent what you have done and what you can do? If no, get your resume reviewed today by our career experts at CareerSifu.


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