Why you should always be interviewing

The best companies are always hiring, and the best employees are always interviewing.

When was the last time you updated your CV or attended an interview? Does your LinkedIn profile showcase your latest job assignment, or recent awards and trainings you’ve undertaken?

If your answer is no, spend a few hours this weekend sprucing up your LinkedIn profile and resume.

LinkedIn published an interesting statistic recently: only 25% of employees are actively seeking opportunities, but 85% are happy to talk.

The opportunity of your lifetime can come knocking just when you least expect it.

But chances are, you won’t know when it comes unless you are willing not just to talk, but to spend time and effort getting to know about a role.

But what if you interview and the opportunity just isn’t right for you? Did you just waste 2 hours of your time?

Not at all apparently. Here are reasons for why you should always be interviewing.

Interviewing, like piano-playing or investing, is a skill that all of us sharpen simply by doing and learning from mistakes.

Every interview is an opportunity to finetune your interviewing skills, develop a style that works for you, and grow your confidence. Think of it as a chance to build up a repository of competency or behavioral-based questions, or curveball questions, to reduce the likelihood you are taken by surprise in the subsequent interview.


How many relevant connections do you have on LinkedIn? How strong is your professional network?

Interviewing could be one of the cheapest ways of building a network.

If you walk out of every interview room having completely blown away your interviewers, you will build the kind of bridges that anyone will be lucky to leverage on in the future.

Interviewing is a fantastic way to pick the brains of C-suite executives, impress influential people, and meet true decision-makers in any organization.

Finally, attending interviews could help you gain valuable market insight into companies, new practices, changing industry trends, and salary benchmarks.

Want to negotiate a raise or a career path with your current boss?

Talk to bosses elsewhere to find out what peer companies are doing or paying! Nothing like market intelligence or an offer at hand to give you additional leverage.

Not interviewing actively enough throughout the span of your career can mean cheating yourself out of boundless opportunities for learning, networking, negotiating with your current employer, and maybe even an awesome job soon enough.

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