Laid off due to Covid? 5 secret LinkedIn hacks

Do you suffer from that sinking feeling that the 20 job applications you submit on LinkedIn per day are just going into a black hole?

If you're sick and tired of applying to countless jobs without hearing back from anyone, read on for how to hack your LinkedIn job application. We summarise our favourite tips here from TVI for you.


  • Submit job applications on a Monday. Avoid Fridays and Saturdays. Apply between 6-10am to dramatically boost your chances of getting screened and shortlisted.
  • Make full use of LinkedIn’s job alert function. That way, you get to be the first to apply to roles at companies you are most excited about. Applying to jobs within 4 days of posting helps gives you a serious advantage.
  • Unless it’s a position at the C-level, the sweet spot to finding a job is between the ages of 28 and 35. Make sure your headshot reflects that.

Fun fact: According to research, recruiters actually spend the most time staring at your LinkedIn headshot.

  • Stop ‘Seeking new opportunities’! Pitch yourself to hiring managers and recruiters with a punchy but well written career summary + stints that demonstrate a solid trajectory and key achievements.
  • Optimise your LinkedIn profile with keywords for recruiter searches. Make sure everything on your resume matches what you say publicly on your LinkedIn profile.


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