Interviewing secrets that top recruiters use to land awesome jobs

So you have an amazing resume. Next up is, for most applicants, the most terrifying and stressful stage of a job application - the interview.

We speak to some of the top recruiters in Malaysia. Here are their best-kept secrets and hacks that have proven to work in every single interview.

Like a boss

Know your audience – Familiarize yourself with the company, its presence, core business, its financials, and just as importantly, your interviewer/s. Doing your research prior to an interview shows interest and effort. Checking out your interviewers profiles on LinkedIn can be useful for getting a positive word in or gaining backdoor insight into his/her style of interviewing if you have mutual connections.

The more you understand about the company, the more you are able to sell yourself in a way that resonates with its business, challenges, and work culture.

Structure your answers for impact – Preparing for an interview is easier with an outcome-focused resume. Yet that is less than half the battle won. How you share your experience matters just as much, if not more.

We recommend the STAR method of discussing your achievements:

Briefly summarize the Situation (S), state the Task at hand (T), elaborate on specific Actions (A) you took that moved the needle, and tie it all up with your Results (R).

Not sure how to make this method work for your unique experiences? Engage us for a 1-on-1 coaching session that focuses on how to deliver your message with impact using this model.

Win at Competency-based interview questions – Questions like these are the most difficult to nail, and tend to benefit people who think fast on their feet. And what if you aren’t one of those?

Our career experts recommend making a list of key competencies that matter to the job you are interviewing for, and can brainstorm with you on 1-2 solid examples to cite for each competency or skill set. The more you rehearse your answers, the more confident you feel.

Impress with questions – An interview always works two ways. You too, need to decide if this company is worth joining. When doing your research about the job and company, prepare a list of strong, burning questions that you need answered during your interview. Never wait till the end of your session to ask them.

Asking well-researched and intelligent questions forces your interviewers to sell the company and job to you, making it far more likely that they leave the interview with a positive impression of you.

It’s the oldest psychological trick in the book: to make people like you, get them to do something for you.


Own the room – Practice in front of a mirror, role-play with someone you trust, pay attention to all verbal and non-verbal cues that you use when speaking.

Interviewers make hiring decisions in the first 2 minutes of the interview.

As such, you want to own the room with strong eye contact, a solid handshake, a steady tone of voice, an upright posture, and a confident aura. Our career specialists will work with you on specific things to do and not do in the first few minutes of an interview to make a lasting impression.


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