How to get a job offer in less than a month

Are you a fresh graduate looking for your first job? Or did your company just announce its first wave of layoffs? Or are you looking desperately for a change of environment, a kinder boss, or more work life balance?

Our career experts reveal some of the fastest ways to score a job offer.

Get a job

  1. Leverage your network: Talk to as many friends, family, and ex-colleagues about your job search. Whether there is a role that they know about or not at their current employment, ask to be referred in anyway as the best companies are always on the lookout for great talent.

    Remember that every time a company hires externally, they are taking a risk. They will also do anything to minimize the risk of a bad hire. One of the best ways of doing so is to hire someone their employees already know.

80-90% of jobs don’t even get posted up on job boards, which is great news for you the better networked you are.

  1. Talk to The Most Important People in your job search - recruiters. We recommend working with 2-3 trusted recruiters from global recruitment firms and/or boutique specialist ones in your field to get the best exposure to jobs.

    Ring in directly or apply to their positions and ask for a meetup. The best recruiters don’t just fill existing jobs for top clients, they create jobs for outstanding candidates even where none existed. Read more here to learn about how to choose a recruiter.
  2. Scour job boards especially LinkedIn, Jobstreet, Monster, or Glassdoor that all global employers of choice use actively to advertise their career opportunities. Big companies tend to take longer to make a hiring decision as part of a long, drawn-out selection process. Mid-sized or local companies, or start-ups tend to have quicker turnaround times.

Begin by applying first to larger companies so that you can time your offers to happen at more or less the same time, which is one of our favourite salary negotiation tactics.

Obviously it’s never enough just to deposit your CV if that’s what every other applicant is doing. That’s why we also recommend Tip #4 and 5.

  1. Before you ship your application off to companies, get professional help with your resume to ensure it stands out and is optimized for the right keywords and formatting to pass Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS).

    The right job can make or break your career and future. Getting one of our packages pays for itself and much more if it wins you the job of your dreams.


  1. Identify from LinkedIn or ask around to pinpoint who the hiring manager/s and recruiter are for the specific job for which you submitted an application.

Reach out to drop these individuals a personalized note via LinkedIn or email explaining why you are a strong fit for the opportunity.

LinkedIn now makes it easier for you to do so by automatically recommending names within your connection list who work at the organization you are applying to and drafting a potential message you can send to them asking to be referred in.

The more specific your reference to the companies challenges, opportunities, and culture, the more compelling your story.

Remember to make it about them, not you.

Follow these tips and you will soon be preparing for multiple interviews. Read more about top secrets that the best applicants use to interview successfully.


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