Do Malaysian employers care about your cover letter?

Cover letter

You see a job ad for a role you really care for, and you are midway through submitting your application through the company’s Applicant Tracking System (ATS), when you get to the section requesting that you upload a cover letter. What should you do?

If you already have one written, no problem. Go ahead and send it in. But what if you don’t? Well worry not. We speak to our network of internal recruiters in Malaysia who hire hundreds of strong candidates into their organizations every year.

Turns out nobody – not HR, nor hiring managers – read cover letters anymore.

But why not read a cover letter and take that into consideration as part of a candidate’s application, you ask?

Well, the sheer volume of applications that come through for each vacancy makes it extremely time-consuming for recruiters and hiring teams to filter if they have to peruse cover letters in addition to resumes.

Secondly, ATSs are designed to assign a job match score to every resume and automatically eliminate resumes that don’t have sufficient relevant keywords to what the hiring team is looking for in a particular role.

In other words, all that matters in every application you submit is how solid of a CV or resume you have in relation to relevant keywords.

Now what if there were more to your resume that you wanted to show and explain to potential employers? Our best advice is to get professional help doing so in your resume itself.


Our second best advice is to supplement a traditional application by actively reaching out to the decision-makers through non-conventional channels such as employee referrals, LinkedIn or emails.

Learn more about how to repurpose your cover letter into impactful messages that you can use to target the hiring team and stand out effectively.

So the next time you find yourself worrying over a cover letter, just stop already. It doesn’t matter whether you actually have one or not.

Focus instead on perfecting the resume and actively networking to dramatically increase your odds of landing an interview.


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