About CareerSifu

Our mission is to transform careers one resume at a time

It's stressful to find a job


Applying for jobs can be a scary, confusing, and discouraging experience. We spend hours scratching our heads over a resume, only to submit an application and then never hear back again from companies. Or we sweat through sleepless nights preparing for an interview, only to struggle with challenging questions we didn’t expect during the interview.

We started out helping family and friends

After years of hiring for clients in Southeast Asia, we noticed something - it isn’t always the most suitable candidate who’s offered the job, but the candidate who has the most well-written resume or who interviews best, who lands the job. It wasn’t long before friends and family would reach out to us asking for resume feedback or interview tips.

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Finding a job that fits you is hard


So we set out on a small mission: to help job-seekers share their unique experiences and skills better, shine in any interview setting, and get the jobs they deserve. Being in the right job at the right time. Learning and growing with the right people. Doing amazing work. These are all incredibly rewarding experiences that all of us deserve to enjoy at any stage of our careers.

Life is too short to be in the wrong job

We want to transform careers one resume at a time because life is too short to be in the wrong job. Whether you’re a fresh graduate or a seasoned professional, we turn any resume into multiple job offers. Talk to us today.