4 tips to take your resume from good to great


Now that you know how to avoid the top 5 common mistakes candidates make in their resumes, we want to take your resume from good to truly great.

Yes, the kind that demands the immediate attention of any recruiter or hiring manager. That lands you a phone screening or interview invitation in the same week, or day, you applied. And that will get you the job you really deserve, or maybe don’t even deserve, but would kill to have.

Keyword Optimization – Top candidates know that their resumes need to pass the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) filters that most companies use today to screen candidates. Their resumes are optimized for key words and phrases that mirror those of the job description or are used frequently in their professional community.

Not entirely sure which keywords to optimize? Our career experts are here to help and have written a guide you cannot miss.

Show, don’t tell. Great resumes, like great writing, show, rather than tell. The best candidates know they don’t have to write grand career objectives, or rate their skills on a scale of 1 to 10, or describe their list of winning personality traits in a resume.

They spend that space instead writing about results, outcome, impact that they had on the company’s bottom line.

They provide employers with short but meaningful context about the challenges of a project or team that they led, or a sense of scale to the great work they achieved.

Be outcome-focused, not task-focused – Great resumes have this one common feature: a solid focus on results and outcomes, rather than a bland listing of a generic job description.

How should you begin? Google’s Former VP of People Laszlo Bock recommends this winning structure to writing about your work:

‘Achieved x by doing y, as measured by z.’ Quantify your achievements to add weight to your resume.


Blow your own horn, loudly. So long as these awards, recognitions, and achievements are relevant to the job you are applying for, never shy away from flaunting. Prospective companies like candidates who take pride in the work that they do, and are aware of their value in the market.

The more you can demonstrate how tremendously valued you are by your past or current employer, well guess what? The likelier it is that a future company would think the same about you too.

Know what do now to craft an unforgettable resume that turns every application into job offers? But not too sure how to actually start and follow through with these practical tips? Talk to us right away!


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