30-minute LinkedIn hacks to try at lunch today

We all have friends who keep getting messages on LinkedIn from prospective employers. But not you. You haven’t updated your profile for ages, and want to get in on some of the cool jobs that your friend keeps getting calls for. Yet, you don’t know where to start.

LinkedIn experts reveal the specific search filters they use to hunt for great talent on this platform. They give us the lowdown on how to make it instantly easier for recruiters and hiring managers to find you - try these 7 easy tricks at lunch today!


  1. Complete some of the basic must-haves of a great LinkedIn profile if you haven’t already: a professionally-taken headshot, your full name, location, updated details about your past and current employment, and your education.
  2. Specify your industry for each position. Industry is one of the top 5 most commonly used filters by recruiters when searching for talent to narrow their search.
  3. Edit visibility options for your LinkedIn profile so that anyone public on or off LinkedIn is able to read your profile.

Anyone running a Google search on your name should be able to find you easily via your LinkedIn profile from the first few search results.

  1. To signal privately to recruiters that you are actively seeking opportunities, answer a series of questions (role type, location, and job type) that LinkedIn asks to get better insight on how to rank you in their search algorithm. Do this with a measure of caution however.
  2. Follow your target companies to stay up to date with the latest news, jobs, and events. There is one bigger reason for doing so:

Recruiters are more likely to get to you first if you’re a company follower and are publicly engaging with their employer brand already.


  1. Connect actively with employees at these organizations that you’d like to join. Again, recruiters are able to identify from a search result LinkedIn profiles that already have a connection with their existing staff.

The more relevant your connections, the higher you rank on the search results.

  1. Optimize your profile content for relevant keywords that will rank you higher on the search algorithms. Not sure what exact keywords to use, or how much of your resume should be on your LinkedIn profile? Our CareerSifu experts might be able to help.

Practicing all 7 of these tips should increase your visibility on any recruiter’s radar to pique their interest and initiate a profile view. But giving them a compelling reason to want to reach out to you is your next challenge. Read Part 2 of our LinkedIn hacks and tricks here.


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