10 signs you urgently need professional resume editing help today


  1. You hate your job and know that you deserve a better boss or more fulfilling work or a healthier work life balance. You have been applying to jobs for which you are a direct fit, and not hearing back from any of these companies.
  2. You have a 5-page CV. It is often easier to write a 5-page CV than a 2-page CV. The ideal length of a CV however, should be nothing more than 2-3 pages. You are struggling to condense the CV as every word or phrase feel important and irreplaceable!
  3. Your resume is littered with marketing fluff such as “results-driven”, “fast learner”, “ambitious”, “team player”, “highly motivated”, “detail-oriented”, “versatile”, “creative problem solver”, “self-starter”, or weak action verbs that undersell your true capabilities and potential.
  4. You just used your company designated job description in your resume because you cannot think of how else to write it. You could use some help brainstorming on how to use powerful action verbs to describe the impact and results you contributed to the team.
  5. All the friends you graduated from university with have scored sweet jobs with your dream companies. You desperately need guidance on what exactly to fill your resume with as a fresh graduate to get into that highly selective management trainee program.
  6. You have no idea what an ATS means, nor how to game it so that your resume actually gets reviewed by a human recruiter. Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) are so sophisticated that more than 75% of resumes gets filtered out before they are seen by a pair of human eyes.
  7. Your resume has plenty of colorful graphics, elaborate headers/footers, references, a photograph, a long executive summary, an attention-grabbing CV template, or acronyms that are not properly explained. A winning resume needs none of these.
  8. You dread looking at your resume and have been dragging your feet over updating it. There are many things that are not great about it yet you’re just not sure where exactly to start. You’ve just spotted an awesome job posting on LinkedIn and want to submit an application this weekend.


  1. Don’t know how to explain a career gap? Or a jumpy work history? Looking for a switching of industries or profession? Our CV specialists have a wide variety of ideas and solutions that can be tailored to your unique circumstance. Prepare to have your CV stand out among a pile of other more qualified candidate CVs.


  1. You’ve just been promoted, management values you, you’re doing extraordinarily well at your current job. Now might just be the best time to explore the job market. Find out why the best talent is always interviewing.


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